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Algerita or Agarito

Berberis trifoliolata
Spiny bluish or gray-green holly-like foliage with masses of fragrant yellow flowers in early spring followed by attractive juicy red berries.

Apache plume

Fallugia paradoxa
Upright, multi-branched shrub with peeling bark and small lobed leaves, dark green above and white below. Delicate white, rose-like flowers in summer are followed by distinctive, ball-shaped clusters of pink to purplish 1" long, feathery seed tails.
Thumbnail of Aromatic sumac

Aromatic sumac

Rhus aromatica
See entry for "Rhus trilobata"

Autumn sage, Cherry sage

Salvia greggii
Brilliant 1" flowers slightly above glossy, bright green aromatic leaves on woody, densely foliaged branches. Flowers normally cherry red to pink but also white, yellow, orange, rose and purple.

Banana yucca, Datil

Yucca baccata
Short, sword-like, stiff but sometimes slightly twisted or curving, semi-succulent leaves with a sharp spine at the tip, arise from a crown at or just above ground level. The rosette of encircling leaves encase a clustered mass of thick, waxy, creamy-white, bell-shaped flowers whose outer petals are streaked red-brown to maroon. Spring flowers are followed by large banana-shaped fruit.

Canyon sage

Salvia lycioides
Small, shrubby, woody based plant with small, rich, green, aromatic leaves and dark, indigo-blue flowers on short thin stems above the foliage.

Chinese photinia

Photinia serrulata
Stiff leaves are toothed and new growth is bright copper color. Creamy white flowers are larger than Red-tip photinia.


Cotoneaster spp.
Variable evergreen shrub that thrives with little or no maintenance. White flowers and red berries.

Crepe myrtle

Lagerstroemia indica
This shrub or small tree is usually multi-stemmed with attractive tan and cream mottled bark and upright growth. Clusters of showy flowers bloom in the summer on branch tips of the current year's growth.

Desert bird-of-paradise

Caesalpinia gilliesii
Large yellow flowers with bright red stamens on open, angular branches with finely cut foliage. Blooms summer to fall.

Desert hackberry

Celtis pallida
Large sprawling, thorny shrub with dense, intricate branching habit. Small yellow-green flowers attract bees in spring. Bright orange, edible 1/4" berries in fall.
Thumbnail of Eve's necklace

Eve's necklace

Sophora affinis
Lustrous green, compound leaves and 6" drooping spikes of fragrant pink wisteria-like flowers in spring followed by strings of black ornamental seed pods.

Evergreen euonymus

Euonymus japonica
Evergreen shrub with deep green glossy leaves that is tolerant of heat and poor soils.

False indigo

Amorpha fruticosa
Shrub with royal purple 3" to 6" flower spikes with golden anthers and large lacey foliage.

Flame acanthus

Anisacanthus quadrifidus
Red to orange tubular flowers are favorites of hummingbirds. Grows rapidly.


Forsythia intermedia
Yellow flowers on bare branches in early spring. One of the earliest blooming plants in the spring.

Glossy abelia

Abelia grandiflora
Graceful shrub with arching branches, glossy leaves, white to faintly tinged pink flowers, used as hedges and for screening.

Heavenly bamboo

Nandina domestica
Multiple stiff, erect, bamboo-like stems encircled at the top by attractive sprays of colorful leaves, bronze-red when new, turning to summer green and fading to purples and crimson in winter. White flowers in loose clusters in spring become bright red-orange fruit by fall and persist to enhance the winter landscape.


Ilex cornuta
Evergreen foliage with red berries. Need to have female and male plants to have fruit.

Indian hawthorne

Raphiolepis indica
Compact shrub with glossy, leathery leaves covered with pink or white flowers in the spring. Panicles of dark-blue fruit follow flowering.

Japanese aucuba

Aucuba japonica
Shade loving shrub with thick glossy foliage. Insignificant flowers followed by bright red berries.

Japanese Boxwood

Buxus microphylla japonica
Bright green compact foliage. Easy to hedge.

Japanese mock orange

Pittosporum tobira
Broad dark green glossy leaves with creamy-white fragrant flowers in the spring. Rounded growth habit.
Thumbnail of Japanese snowball

Japanese snowball

Viburnum plicatum
Large, showy, white, sterile flowers in spring.
Thumbnail of Japanese yew

Japanese yew

Podocarpus macrophyllus
Narrow, upright shrub with bright green slender leaves.


Juniperus chinensis
Evergreen that comes in many sizes and shapes ranging from ground cover, shrub to tree types.


Eriobotrya japonica
Glossy sharp toothed leaves that are leathery and prominently veined. Bears orange to yellow fruit that are sweet and aromatic. New growth is fuzzy and whitish in appearance.
Thumbnail of Mentor barberry

Mentor barberry

Berberis mentorensis
Compact growth with dark green foliage and dark red berries.

Mexican bird-of-paradise

Caesalpinia mexicana
Bright lemon-yellow flowers from summer to fall.

Mexican buckeye

Ungnadia speciosa
Early spring flowering display of unusual pink blossoms on naked limbs, followed by dense, lustrous foliage and ornate brown seed pods on erect, branching shrub.

Mexican oregano

Poliomintha longiflora
Lush, aromatic, evergreen foliage is eclipsed by bicolored masses of darker lavender, fading to pale-pink, tubular 1" flowers that densely cluster all along the erect, leafy branches that droop with the weight of successive waves of fragrant blossoms from spring to fall.

Mountain mahogany

Cercocarpus montanus
Upright, vase-shaped habit, with reddish, shreddy bark. Leaves dark green above, pale below. Flowers insignificant but followed by noticeable, feathery plumed seeds which catch the sunlight.

Mountain sage

Salvia regla
Large 1", scarlet, tube-shaped flowers with orange-tinged calyces on rounded, glossy leaved shrub.
Thumbnail of New Mexico privet

New Mexico privet

Forestiera pubescens (Forestiera neomexicana)
Multi-trunked, upright and vase-shaped, maturing into a rounded shrub with pale gray bark on sharply branching limbs. Leaves are small and bright green. Early spring flowering clusters of tiny yellow-green, fragrant blossoms. Female plants produce numerous small fleshy blue-black fruit ripening in late summer.

Oregon grape holly

Berberis aquifolium var. aquifolium (Mahonia aquifolium)
Many branched, upright shrub with thick glossy, holly-like leaves with bronze to purple hues and bright clusters of yellow, spring flowers followed by edible, bluish-purple berries in the fall.

Oriental arborvitae

Platycladus orientalis (Thuja orientalis)
Leaves are scale-like, arranged in a flat vertical plane. Most are cone shaped.

Pampas Grass

Cortaderia selloana
Large seed heads of this giant grass provide attractive display in the fall. Makes large clumps of long thin leaves rising from mas of tough fiberous roots.

Pendulous yucca

Yucca recurvifolia
Long, softly flexible, sword-shaped, dark green leaves encircle a short trunk, older leaves folding slightly at the center to give a graceful, curved, fountain look. Greenish-white flowers rise on a short spike. Multiplies by offsets at the base.

Persian lilac

Syringa persica
Graceful shrub with arching branches and clusters of pale violet flowers in the spring.

Photinia/Red-tip photinia

Photinia fraseri
Colorful multi-stemmed shrub with bright red new growth.
Thumbnail of Pitcher 's blue sage

Pitcher 's blue sage

Salvia azurea var. grandiflora (Salvia pitcheri)
Tall, strong, erect leafy stems terminated by spikes of sky-blue 1" tubular flowers in fall. Aromatic plant with edible flowers.

Prairie flameleaf sumac

Rhus lanceolata
Small tree with clumping form. Dark green, compound leaves provide brilliant fall display of reds and oranges. Dense, terminal spikes of white flowers in late spring followed by clusters of hard, red fruit that persist into winter.

Red-leaf Japanese barberry

Berberis thunbergii 'atropurpurea'
Bronze red foliage in summer.

Rock sage

Salvia pinguifolia
Small, rich, lavender-purple flowers cover branch tips in late summer and fall on this erect, woody shrub with rather large, round, scalloped edged, aromatic leaves.

Rose pavonia

Pavonia lasiopetala
Striking rose-pink 2" flowers on slender spreading branches with broad heart shaped leaves.


Rosmarinus officinalis
Stiff upright to decumbent woody branches with narrow, leathery leaves, dark green on top and white beneath. Foliage is aromatic and edible as a seasoning herb. Small, blue to white flowers in spring and fall.


Vauquelinia californica
Upright evergreen mass of erect woody stems with long slender dark-green leaves and large flat clusters of fragrant, creamy-white flowers in summer.

Rubber rabbitbush

Ericameria nauseous (Chrysothamnus nauseous)
Small blue-green leaves on slender erect, wooly white stems with woody base. Numerous small golden-yellow disk flowers cluster at branch tips in fall.

Scarlet bouvardia

Bouvardia ternifolia
Noticeable clusters of slender scarlet-red, 2" trumpet-shaped flowers at the tip of slim leafy branches, continuously from May to October. Hummingbird favorite.

Scented lippia

Lippia graveolens
Masses of tall slender erect branches lined with pairs of small opposite leaves and head-like clusters of small creamy white to yellow flowers with a yellow spot. Very aromatic foliage and fragrant flowers.
Thumbnail of Shiny xylosma

Shiny xylosma

Xylosma congestum
Shiny green leaves with new growth, bronze in color.
Thumbnail of Shrub oak

Shrub oak

Quercus turbinella
Small, holly-like, bluish-gray evergreen leaves on a dense and intricately branching shrub. Large acorns for its size are favored by wildlife.

Shrubby cinquefoil

Potentilla fruticosa
Blooms throughout the summer. Most varities are yellow flowered although some are white, red or orange. Foliage color varies from green to gray depending upon the variety.

Smooth sumac

Rhus glabra
Thick stems with dark-green foliage spreading from top. Excellent fall red and orange colors. Large, dense clusters of greenish-white flowers in early summer followed by red fruit that persist through winter on bare stems.

Texas kidneywood

Eysenhardtia texana
Open, airy shrub with spikes of fragrant white flowers and lacy compound leaves.

Texas mountain laurel

Sophora secundiflora
Thick, glossy, evergreen leaves on a compact, upright shrub, maturing into a small, multi-trunked tree. Cascades of vibrant purple flowers in spring look like clusters of grapes. Strong sweet fragrance similar to smell of grape Kool-Aid.

Threeleaf sumac

Rhus trilobata
Tiny yellowish flowers cluster at stem tips in early spring before leaves emerge. Summer ripens hard, fuzzy coated, ornamental red fruit. Naturally bushy, compact to upright and open shrub has crisp, dark green, three-lobed leaves that turn brilliant red, yellow and orange in fall.

Turk's cap

Malvaviscus drummondii (Malvaviscus arboreus)
Curiously rolled, bright red, flower petals that never appear quite open, on numerous long, thick, herbaceous stems with large, velvety leaves. Cigar-shaped flowers appear continuously, May to November, along with reddish cherry sized fruit.

Velvetpod mimosa

Mimosa dysocarpa
Eyecatching pink, 2" flower spikes on open and airy branches armed with recurved thorns. Fragrant flowers.

Wax leaf ligustrum or Wax privet

Ligustrum japonicum
Glossy, dark green leaves, multi-trunked shrub that is easily shaped into hedges and topiaries. Creamy-white fragrant flowers in late spring.
Thumbnail of Western sand cherry

Western sand cherry

Prunus besseyi
Naturally neat, cultivated appearance. Deep red bark contrasts with bright sprays of fragrant white flowers in spring before leaves emerge. Leaves are shiny, light green turning orange-red in fall. Large, cherry sized, black fruit in mid-summer.

White beebrush

Aloysia gratissima (Lippia gratissima)
Small white flowers clustered in 3" spikes impart a very fragrant vanilla-like aroma, spring and fall and attracts bees.

Wild rose

Rosa woodsii
Five petaled, pink flowers on very thorny upright canes in late spring into the summer. New canes are vivid red, fading to maroon. Round orange-red hips are showy in fall.

Winter honeysuckle

Lonicera fragrantissima
Whitish flowers in late winter/early spring. Pale green foliage on stiff arching branches.

Woolly butterfly bush

Buddleja marrubiifolia
Mounding, much branched shrub whose velvety, ash-gray foliage contrasts with a multitude of marble sized clusters of tiny orange flowers from spring to fall.

Yaupon holly

Ilex vomitoria
Multi-trunked shrub or small tree with interesting pale gray and white bark, small glossy evergreen leaves, inconspicuous flowers and bright attractive red berries.

Yellow bells

Tecoma stans
Clear yellow, 2" trumpet-shaped flowers cluster at tips of upright woody branches with glossy green foliage. Blooms intermittently, spring to fall.