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Desert verbena

Glandularia spp. (Verbena spp.)
Flat-topped spikes of pink, lavender, rose to purple flowers on mounds of gray-green to deep green, three cleft or lobed and toothed leaves. Stems and leaves are often hairy.

Giant snapdragon vine

Epixiphium wislizenii (Maurandya wislizenii)
Fast growing, clamoring vine with large blue-gray, snapdragon-like flowers, fleshy triangular leaves and interesting inflated seed pods encased in large sepals.

"Centennial" Coyote bush

Baccharis 'Centennial'
Hardy, bright green mounding form that is adaptable to a wide variety of soils.

Afghan or Mondel pine

Pinus eldarica
Conical shaped crown with branches to the ground. Dark green, dense foliage if given adequate water.

Alamo vine

Merrima dissecta
Vigorous, multi-stemmed, twinning vine with deeply lobed, palmate leaves and large white morning glory-like flowers with red throats. Produces interesting three chambered seed pods with extended sepal wings when dry.

Algerita or Agarito

Berberis trifoliolata
Spiny bluish or gray-green holly-like foliage with masses of fragrant yellow flowers in early spring followed by attractive juicy red berries.

Alligator juniper

Juniperus deppeana
Pyramidal to rounded crown conifer with upward branching habit and short, dark green needles. Normally exposed trunk reveals deeply fissured bark in a checkered pattern resembling alligator skin.

American aloe, Amole plant

Manfreda maculosa
Succulent, light green leaf blades with reddish brown spots, rest on the ground in basal rosettes. Erect flowering stalks rise to bear scapes of large, bulbous based, trumpet-like, flowers. The greenish or cream colored blossoms fade to rusty red-purple with the anthers extended well beyond the flower tube on red filaments. Spreads slowly from root offshoots or "pups"

Anacacho orchid tree

Bauhinia lunarioides (Bauhinia congesta)
White orchid-like flowers on small tree or multi-trunked shrub with interesting cloven hoof-shaped leaves. Blooms in spring but sometimes in fall as well.

Angelita daisy

Tetraneuris acaulis (Hymenoxys acaulis)
Tidy, compact mounds of gray-green leaves scarsely noticeable under a nearly continuous year round display of numerous, solitary, yellow daisy-like flowers on long thin stalks.

Apache plume

Fallugia paradoxa
Upright, multi-branched shrub with peeling bark and small lobed leaves, dark green above and white below. Delicate white, rose-like flowers in summer are followed by distinctive, ball-shaped clusters of pink to purplish 1" long, feathery seed tails.

Arizona poppy

Kallstroemia grandiflora
Large 2", orange, poppy-like flowers on sprawling vine-like stems with sparse hairy foliage.
Thumbnail of Arizona white oak

Arizona white oak

Quercus arizonica
Spreading, irregular crowned tree with graceful evergreen profile. Stiff, oval leaves are dull blue-green above with dense, brown fuzz underneath. Pale gray, fissured bark broken into plates.
Thumbnail of Aromatic sumac

Aromatic sumac

Rhus aromatica
See entry for "Rhus trilobata"

Autumn sage, Cherry sage

Salvia greggii
Brilliant 1" flowers slightly above glossy, bright green aromatic leaves on woody, densely foliaged branches. Flowers normally cherry red to pink but also white, yellow, orange, rose and purple.

Baja evening primrose

Oenothera stubbei
Large, graceful, yellow flowers in the spring and summer. Mat forming ground cover with narrow linear, deep green leaves on multitude of long vine-like stems. Flowers rise above foliage on individual 6" long thin stalks.

Banana yucca, Datil

Yucca baccata
Short, sword-like, stiff but sometimes slightly twisted or curving, semi-succulent leaves with a sharp spine at the tip, arise from a crown at or just above ground level. The rosette of encircling leaves encase a clustered mass of thick, waxy, creamy-white, bell-shaped flowers whose outer petals are streaked red-brown to maroon. Spring flowers are followed by large banana-shaped fruit.


Nolina spp.
Numerous, coarse, narrow, grass-like leaves up to 3' long, arch stiffly from a central bulbous base or trunk. Short woody flower stalks emerge from center of foliage mound with numerous tiny creamy, white flowers followed by small round seeds. Leaf tips and upper margins sometimes fiberous.

Big Bend silverleaf

Leucophyllum candidum
Densely foliaged, compact, rounded shrub with soft velvety, silver-gray leaves and stems, and intense deep blue-violet flowers following heavy rains from late spring to fall. Very drought tolerant.
Thumbnail of Bigleaf sagebush

Bigleaf sagebush

Artemisia tridentata
Upright, irregular to spreading woody shrub with attractive, aromatic, silver-gray foliage comprised of small, soft, triangular three-toothed leaves. Small inconspicuous flowers.

Black dalea

Dalea frutescens
Low round, mounding shrub with small green, compound leaves, densely covering spreading, pale creamy branches. Numerous purple pea-like flowers obscure foliage, late summer/ fall.

Black locust

Robinia pseudoacacia
Tree has an open sparse-branching habit. Bark is deeply furrowed. Showy display of creamy-white fragrant flowers in the spring.

Blackbrush acacia

Acacia rigidula
Large, 2-3", fragrant, pale yellow to golden flowers in spring. Dark colored bark on rigid, thorny branches.

Blackfoot daisy

Melampodium leucanthum
Perky white, daisy-like flowers on a tidy, compact mass of dark green, linear leaves. 3/4" Flowers may obscure foliage.

Blue flax

Linum lewisii
Dainty, 1", sky-blue, cup-shaped flowers on multitude of long, wand-like stems, lined with small, linear leaves.

Blue mist flower, Bone set

Conoclinium greggii (Eupatorium greggii)
Fuzzy blue-lavender masses of flowers on short stems above a thick green groundcovering foliage. Spreads by underground rhizomes.
Thumbnail of Blue palo-verde

Blue palo-verde

Cercidium floridum
Blue-green hue of the leaves and bark provide interesting color in the landscape. Broad spreading crown with a low growing branching habit.

Blue ranger

Leucophyllum zygophyllum
Small evergreen shrub with rounded, compact form. Young branches are erect and silvery, drooping and turning grayish-tan with age, and the small, soft wooly leaves are also silvery gray-green which contrasts well with the 1/2" long bell-shaped, purplish to pale lavender-blue flowers that follow summer and fall rains.

Blue star

Amsonia spp.
Mounds of willowy leaves and wiry stems topped by star-shaped, white to light blue flowers in spring. Can spread by root stolons.

Blue trumpets

Ipomopsis longiflora
Pale blue to almost white, long trumpet-like flowers on intricately branching stems and finely dissected foliage.

Broom dalea

Psorothamnus scoparius
Large mounds of intricately branching gray to blue-green, almost leafless stems with profusion of late summer, small, indigo-blue to purple pea-like flowers.

Browneyed Susan

Rudbeckia hirta
Large 2-3", yellow, sunflower-like blossoms with brown centers, in summer, on long stems rising from clumps of dark green leaves.


Acourtia wrightii (Perezia wrightii)
Two or three successive, spring to fall displays of showy flat clusters of rose to pale pink flowers on long leafy stalks lined with handsome grayish-green holly-like foliage. After the fluffy seed heads disperse, the stems coarsen and die back to the ground while new stalks are emerging as replacements.


Buchloe dactyloides
Soft, fine, gray-green foliage turning straw color after frost. Sod forming, spreading by rooting stolons.

Bush dalea

Dalea pulchra
Early spring blooming, upright branching, rounded shrub. Profuse, purple, pea-like flowers in 3/4" clusters amid delicately textured, silvery, gray-green foliage.

Bush lantana

Lantana camara
Woody, shrubby, spreading plant with rough, green, aromatic leaves and small, thorny prickles on stems. Flat clusters of small flowers, cream to yellow as young blossoms in cluster center, turning bright pink to orange when mature along outer margin of cluster. Blooms late spring to fall.

Butterfly weed

Asclepias tuberosa
Brilliantly colored, 3" clusters of orange to yellow flowers favored by butterflies, atop thick erect stems with narrow gray-green leaves. Milky sap.

California fan palm

Washingtonia filifera
Large, fan-like leaves on long stalks stand away from crown of the tall, narrow trunk. Old, dried leaves hang down to form a distinctive petticoat of thatch around the trunk below the crown, protecting it from hard freezes.

Cane cholla

Opuntia imbricata
Mass of leafless, succulent, intricately branched stems covered with sharp spines. Large waxy petaled, reddish-purple flowers followed by persistent yellow fruit.

Canyon penstemon

Penstemon pseudospectabilis
Thick, serrated, arrow-shaped leaves tightly clasp and encircle the multitude of blooming stalks rising from a semi-woody base, giving the appearance that the long stems have simply pierced the cupping leaves. Blooming stalks are topped by spiraling clusters of 1" rose-purple tubular flowers, spring into early summer.

Canyon sage

Salvia lycioides
Small, shrubby, woody based plant with small, rich, green, aromatic leaves and dark, indigo-blue flowers on short thin stems above the foliage.

Cardinal penstemon

Penstemon cardinalis
Large, round to heart-shaped, gray-green leaves cluster at the base of one or two tall, purplish stalks that display paired secondary leaves and a line of clustered, dark, blood-red, tubular flowers with golden-bearded "tongues" inside, drooping to one side of the stalk.

Catclaw acacia

Acacia greggii
Attractive bark structure on twisted, gnarled trunk. Dark green compound leaves on stems with recurved (cat-claw) thorns and fragrant, 2", woolly, cream-colored flower spikes which produce flat, twisted 3" brown pods

Cedar sage

Salvia roemeriana
Small, well mannered, shade tolerant plant with eyecatching spikes of 1", scarlet-red, tubular summer flowers among clumps of deep green, round, scalloped leaves.

Cenizo, Fragrant rain sage

Leucophyllum pruinosum
An incredible grape bubblegum-like fragrance is produced from large deep purple flowers scattered along spreading stems with silver leaves. Blooms in response to heavy rains. Sprawling growth habit.

Cenizo, Green rain sage

Leucophyllum langmaniae
Dense, bright green foliage on a large but rounded, compact plant. Produces lavender flowers following summer rains.

Century plant

Agave spp.
Bold gray-green sword-like leaves in symmetrical rosette. Rapid growth of flower stalk (to 15' in some species). Thick semi-succulent stem and leaves.

Chaparral sage

Salvia clevelandii
Smooth, gray-green, strongly aromatic leaves on erect woody stems topped with interesting fragrant, lavender-blue flowers in tight succesive whorls encircling the stalks in summer.

Chihuahuan sage

Leucophyllum laevigatum
Upright, open mounding shrub with stiffly spreading, angular branches with small dull green leaves often obscured by heavy flowering following summer and fall rains. Flowers light bluish-purple.

Chile pequin

Capsicum annuum
Short, herbaceous, densely branching, woody based sub-shrub with successive waves of small white flowers followed by 1/4" green fruit ripening to attractive red-orange berries, summer to fall.

Chilean mesquite

Prosopis chilensis
Vigorous, fast growing, symmetrically spreading tree with dark rough trunks whose lush, feathery foliage provides an open, airy character and good filtered shade.

Chocolate daisy

Berlandiera lyrata
Chocolate-like fragrance from yellow daisy-like flowers, especially in the morning. Blooms all summer on leafy stems with grayish green lyre-shaped leaves.

Claret-cup, Hedgehog, Pitaya or Rainbow cactus

Echinocerus spp.
A varied group of very spiny, globular stem succulents, single stemmed when young, but often branching at the base with age. The multi-stemmed groups of some species can include 40+ heads in clusters up to 3' across. Large waxy flowers in brillant shades of reds, pinks and yellows are followed by juicy round fruit which are relished by wildlife and sometimes by man.

Cliff fendlerbush

Fendlera rupicola
Showy masses of fragrant flowers in spring on an upright, open, vase-shaped shrub. Flowers are white, cross-shaped and conspicuous.


Cowania mexicana
Creamy masses of fragrant rose-like, 1" flowers in evergreen foliage followed by fruit with feathery tails

Common ice plant

Carpobrotus edulis
Ground covering succulent with bright green fleshy leaves on spreading stems with bright colored, yellow to pink flowers.

Coral vine

Antigonon leptopus
Bright pink flowers in large sprays on a vigorous spreading vine.


Coreopsis lanceolata
Clumps of evergreen lance-shaped leaves with numerous 2-3" yellow daisy-like flowers on long bare stems.

Coyote bush

Baccharis pilularis
Low spreading form that makes dense, bright green mats of small leaves and stems.

Creosote bush

Larrea tridentata
Twisted woody branches rise from a central base to provide an open, airy shrub. Sparse, olive-green foliage consists of small resinous leaves with dull yellow, spring and summer flowers followed by silver-furred round fruit.

Cutleaf daisy

Engelmannia pinnatifida
Ornate, deeply lobed leaves. Dense foliage rosette with multiple blooming stems form mound of bright yellow daisy-like flowers.


Chrysactina mexicana
Low mounding, shrubby ground cover with small yellow daisy-like flowers on short stems above evergreen foliage.

Desert bird-of-paradise

Caesalpinia gilliesii
Large yellow flowers with bright red stamens on open, angular branches with finely cut foliage. Blooms summer to fall.

Desert broom

Baccharis sarothroides
Large, upright shrub with bright green stems and foliage.

Desert buckwheat

Eriogonum wrightii
Neat rounded mounds of silvery leaves on a shrubby woody based plant with tiny, pale white to pinkish flowers in clusters along wiry stems above the foliage. Seed heads often dry to shades of rust red and persist into winter.

Desert cassia

Senna nemophila (Cassia nemophila)
Bright green, bushy foliage with yellow flowers in spring.

Desert hackberry

Celtis pallida
Large sprawling, thorny shrub with dense, intricate branching habit. Small yellow-green flowers attract bees in spring. Bright orange, edible 1/4" berries in fall.

Desert marigold

Baileya multiradiata
Full, thickly petaled yellow blooms on long stalks above low mounds of silvery white foliage from spring through fall. Stems and leaves are wooly.

Desert rose-mallow

Hibiscus denudatus
Fuzzy oval gray-green leaves scattered across long thin herbaceous stems arising from a woody base. Beautiful 1" to 2" lavender flowers periodically from March to October.

Desert rosemary

Poliomintha incana
Weeping, wispy, weak limbed shrub with thin, silky, silver colored, highly fragrant leaves. Small pale blue-lavender flowers appear in spring and again after summer rains.

Desert willow

Chilopsis linearis
Medium sized, usually multi-trunked tree that produces hundreds of small purplish-pink orchid-like flowers during the summer months. Has willow-like leaves.

Desert zinnia

Zinnia acerosa
Woody based sub-shrub with gray-green needle-like leaves and 1" white flowers in spring through summer which persist, drying to a papery tan.

Dew plant

Drosanthemum speciosum
Succulent leaves covered with tiny glistening dots that give the appearance of ice crystals or dew drops. Brilliant hot pink flowers in spring. Roots from stem nodes to form thick groundcover.


Dicliptera resupinata
Erect to spreading stems with lush, bluish green foliage and sporadic 3/4" long, vivid rose-purple flowers from May to October followed by unusual cupping bracts enclosing the seeds.

Engelmann's prickly pear

Opuntia engelmannii ( O. phaecantha var. discarta)
Erect but spreading mass of large flat, succulent, spiny, stem pads with 3" lemon-yellow flowers in late spring to early summer, replaced by large, egg-shaped, rose-purple, juicy fruit.

Escarpment live oak

Quercus fusiformis
Depending on water and soil, this evergreen oak ranges from a large shrub to a large tree with wide-spreading crown. Deep green glossy leaves provide heavy shade and mature trees have massive trunks with thick limbs and rough, black bark.
Thumbnail of Eve's necklace

Eve's necklace

Sophora affinis
Lustrous green, compound leaves and 6" drooping spikes of fragrant pink wisteria-like flowers in spring followed by strings of black ornamental seed pods.

Evergreen sumac

Rhus virens (Rhus choriophylla)
Dense masses of dark green, glossy, compound leaves on a large, evergreen shrub with clusters of small, creamy- white flowers in summer followed by sticky, red berries.

Fairy duster

Calliandra eriophylla
Unusual powder-puff flowers consisting of bunches of long, bright pink to rose colored, tassel-like stamens, on slender stems with finely textured foliage.

Faxon palm or Giant yucca

Yucca faxoniana
A rather broad leafed, robust tree yucca, whose 3', dark green, spine- tipped leaves form a very regular hemisphere radiating outward from near the top of normally a single thick trunk (may occasionally have one or two branching heads). A dense cluster of large white bell-shaped flowers rise in a showy spike above the leaves. Lower leaves fold and dry with age into a tidy encasing sheath around the trunk.

Feather dalea or Plume dalea

Dalea formosa
Round, upright to spreading shrub with very small gray-green leaves on dark, zigzagging branches covered by deep purple pea-like flowers and distinctive, feathery plumed seed heads in spring and sometimes fall.


Chamaebatiaria millefolium
Upright plant with fern-like foliage on dense frond-like but woody branches. Small creamy-white flowers in spikes , summer to fall.

Firecracker penstemon

Penstemon eatonii
Long narrow tubular flowers that are bright scarlet-red give this plant it's name. The flower clusters, supported on 2-3' stalks, tend to hang to one side in dense ribbons of color above a mass of large triangular leaves in a basal rosette.

Firewheel or Blanket flower

Gaillardia aristata
Profuse, daisy-like flowers in various combinations of bright reds and yellows

Fishhook barrel cactus or Biznaga

Ferocactus spp.
Large growing, thick, single stemmed, cylindrical succulent with pronounced vertical ribs supporting numerous large spine clusters including prominent flattened recurved central spines. Ribs converge at apex of stem where a ring of yellow to red-orange cup-shaped flowers emerge in summer followed by fleshy yellow fruit. Slow growing, a 3' plant may be 50 or more years old.

Flame acanthus

Anisacanthus quadrifidus
Red to orange tubular flowers are favorites of hummingbirds. Grows rapidly.

Flame flower

Talium spp.
Thick succulent, linear to club-shaped green leaves on erect to reclining stems growing from a thick fleshy taproot that may become semi-woody. Flower colors range from yellow, orange, red, rose to pale pink.

Flattop buckwheat

Eriogonum fasciculatum
Flat, 3" clusters of tiny white to pale pink flowers on stiff stems above dark gray-green leaves of a low, rounded shrub.
Thumbnail of Foothills palo-verde

Foothills palo-verde

Cercidium microphyllum
Yellow-green bark color on a twiggy, low canopied tree or shrub with tiny compound leaves and small greenish yellow flowers in spring.

Fountain grass

Pennisetum setaceum
Graceful,clumping grass with narrow leaf blades and striking seed plumes. Foliage is normally medium green but also in colorful shades of red to purple. Seed heads narrow and bristly, on slender stalks above the arching leaves.

Four-wing saltbush

Atriplex canescens
Vigorous, densely branching, rounded shrub with silvery, gray-green foliage. Insignificant flower spikes on separate male and female plants but females produce distinctive, winged fruit.

Fragrant ash

Fraxinus cuspidata
Usually multi-trunked, small tree with rounded crown of light green leaves, yellowing in fall. Creamy-white, very showy, fragrant flowers appear in graceful drooping clusters followed by typical winged seeds.

Garlic chives

Allium tuberosum
Tough bulbous roots produce clumps of long, thin, flat, dull green leaves with clusters of white flowers on 12" stalks. Plant strongly scented.


Liatris punctata
Graceful spikes of small feathery purple flowers on long upright, wiry stems lined with narrow gray-green leaves. Has deep tuberous taproot with corm-like offsets.


Gazania spp.
G. rigens is a trailing ground cover with long spreading stems. G. splendens is a tidy clump forming species. Both have large daisy-like flowers in bright shades of yellows, oranges, white and bronze.


Sphaeralcea spp.
Miniature "hollyhocks" with 1/2"-1" cup-like flowers throughout the growing season in shades or orange, red, pink and lavender on multiple erect to sprawling stems.

Golden aster

Heterotheca villosa (Chrysopis villosa)
Tidy, herbaceous, hairy-leaved, gray-green plant with masses of golden- yellow daisy-like flowers throughout the summer.

Golden dogweed

Dyssodia pentachaeta (Thymophylla pentachaeta)
Low tufts of small golden daisy-like flowers with lacy, aromatic foliage.

Goldenball leadtree

Leuceana retusa
Tropical looking small tree, single or multi-trunked, with bright green compound leaves and showy golden yellow, 1" puffball flowers primarily in spring but also fall. Large, flat, dark, brown seed pods.

Gopher plant

Euphorbia rigida
Low, spreading but ascending stems lined with stiff, fleshy, gray-green, pointed leaves arising from a central crown. In spring and often again in fall, stem ends bear spreading clusters of attractive chartreuse to yellow bracts enclosing small flowers.
Thumbnail of Graythorn


Zizyphus obtusifolia
Rigidly branched, thorny shrub with gray-green barked stems and small leaves. Tiny flowers are followed by 1/4" blue-black oval fruit.

Harvard penstemon

Penstemon havardii
Thick, pale blue-green leaves up to 4" long form a low rosette and climb several leafy blooming stems displaying attractive, bright red, tubular flowers in spring and summer.

Hill country penstemon

Penstemon triflorus
Small bushy stature with multiple, short flowering stems just rising over the compact mass of dark green leaves, carrying a number of slightly fuzzy cherry-red, 2' long flowers.

Honey mesquite

Prosopis glandulosa
Small to medium single or multi-trunked tree with a low profile and a broad spreading crown. Weeping light-green lacy foliage, large white thorns and 2-3"long, fuzzy looking, creamy-white to pale-yellow blossoms which produce long stringbean-like yellow to red seed pods, distinguish this plant.

Hummingbird trumpet

Zauschneria californica var. latifolia
Low growing mass of erect to arching leafy stems with gray-green foliage and bright red-orange tubular flowers in late summer and fall. Spreads by root rhizomes.


Iris spp.
Sword-like leaves arising from fleshy tuberous rhizomes. Large flowers on erect stems, showy and complex with 3 inner and 3 outer petals in wide varieties of colors.

Italian cypress

Cupressus sempervirens
Tall upright shape tapering to a very narrow crown. Dense, dark green juniper-like foliage.

Javelina bush

Condalia warnocki
Very thorny, densely branched, compact shrub with small oval leaves. Mature fruit reddish black, 1/4", edible.

Joint fir or Mormon tea.

Ephedra spp.
Interesting broom-like mass of intricately branching, smooth, slender, green to yellowish wiry stems. Essentially leafless. Flowers are found on male plants, cones on females.

Joshua tree

Yucca brevifolia
Very tall, multi-headed tree yucca with short, thin, rigid, sharp-pointed leaves held in dense, gray-green clusters at the top of the trunks. Short yellowish-white flower spikes appear in early spring. Old leaves dry and droop uniformly downward making a dense protective thatch skirting the stems.

Lady bank's rose

Rosa banksiae
Vigorous climbing rose with rich green foliage scattered along slender, sprawling, thornless stems, all but obscured by thick-clustered spring blossoms of soft yellow or white.

Littleleaf ash

Fraxinus greggi
Shrub or small tree with small, dark green, leathery leaves and little yellowish spring flowers and interesting winged seeds.

Littleleaf cordia

Cordia parvifolia
Open, spreading branches with scattered gray-green leaves, and clusters of large 2", white, crepe-like flowers.

Littleleaf sumac

Rhus microphylla
Small clusters of tiny, white flowers at stem tips in early spring before small compound leaflets emerge. Oval fruit ripen into fuzzy red ornamental clusters late summer/fall.


Arctostaphylos pungens
Distinctively sinuous rust-red branches in contrast with leathery evergreen foliage.


Parthenium incanum
Small, woody shrub with grayish, downey, deeply lobed leaves and 2-3" clustered flat masses of small, creamy flowers, June to October. Aromatic foliage.

Maximilian sunflower

Helianthus maximiliani
Lush, dark green foliage on tall erect stems, the top third of which are lined with stunning yellow blossoms in fall. Plant form large clumps from dense networks of fleshy rhizominous roots.

Mealy blue sage

Salvia farinaceae
Bright spires of light, to violet-blue summer flowers with light blue-gray calyces above herbaceous mounds of dull-green foliage. Aromatic plant.
Thumbnail of Mediterranean Fan Palm

Mediterranean Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis
Generally small palm with bluish-green ornamental fan-shaped leaves. While initially single trunked, a clumping multi-trunked habit can develop from offshoots with age.
Thumbnail of Mentor barberry

Mentor barberry

Berberis mentorensis
Compact growth with dark green foliage and dark red berries.

Mexican bird-of-paradise

Caesalpinia mexicana
Bright lemon-yellow flowers from summer to fall.

Mexican blue oak

Quercus oblongifolia
Small, rounded crown tree with spreading, contorted branches and distinctive blue-green foliage. Newly emerging spring foliage has an attractive, reddish blush. Mature leaves are shiny on top, pale below and slightly elongated. Bark is soft, gray and scaly.

Mexican blue palm, Blue hesper palm

Brahea armata (Erythea armata)
Fan shaped leaves on long stalks radiate from the apex of a thick solitary trunk. Attractive silver-blue foliage with yellow spines on the leaf stalk. Long flowering stalks extend beyond the leaves to droop with thousands of small creamy blossoms which become round yellow fruit.

Mexican blue sage

Salvia chamaedryoides
Low, compact shrub with small, oval, silver-gray leaves and deep-blue flowers in loose spikes on short, thin stems above the aromatic foliage.

Mexican buckeye

Ungnadia speciosa
Early spring flowering display of unusual pink blossoms on naked limbs, followed by dense, lustrous foliage and ornate brown seed pods on erect, branching shrub.

Mexican elder

Sambucus mexicana
Low, spreading tree with thick, gnarled and twisted trunk and light green leaves. Large flat clusters of creamy white flowers in spring and summer followed by bunches of edible blue-black berries.

Mexican fan palm

Washingtonia robusta
Very tall, slender, often curving trunk with a crown of fan-shaped leaves standing away from the trunk on short to medium stalks with reddish streaks on underside. Old, dried leaves drop down to form a petticoat-like thatch against the trunk, protecting it from winter cold.

Mexican gold poppy

Eschscholzia californica var. mexicana
Clumps of soft, lacy, blue-green foliage and bright golden-yellow, cup-shaped, 2-3" flowers. Profuse spring bloomer producing a multitude of long thin awl-like seed pods that snap open when ripe.

Mexican hat or Coneflower

Ratibida columnaris
Unusual composite flowers with dark, elongated, cone-like disk centers and yellow and/or chocolate-maroon ray petals on erect, wiry stems and dissected gray-green foliage.

Mexican mint marigold or Mexican tarragon

Tagetes lucida
Mass of unbranched stems with narrow, dark green leaves that have a strong smell and taste of tarragon. Mediocre small yellow flowers.

Mexican palo-verde, Retama or Jerusalem thorn

Parkinsonia aculeata
Eye-catching, smooth, lime-green bark, delicate lacy foliage, large clusters of bright yellow, fragrant flowers and abundant sharp thorns mark this unusual tree. Rounded crown and small stature. Often multi-trunked.

Mexican plum

Prunus mexicana
Fragrant, white, showy flowers fading pink, appear in early spring before leaves emerge on this spreading tree. Fruit ripens from yellow to purple. Mature trunk and limb bark has ornamental character, blue-gray to dark maroon and often peeling.

Mexican redbud

Cercis canadensis var. mexicana
Beautiful, showy pink blossoms line naked branches before leaves emerge in spring. Dark green wavy leaves and purplish seed pods prolong color display into summer. Edible flowers.


Philadelphus microphyllus
Many branching shrub with scaly tan bark and small, opposite, oval to lance shaped leaves clustered at nodes along the erect to arching stems. Attractive, fragrant white flowers, sometimes tinged with pink, are neatly scattered about the stems in spring.

Mountain marigold

Tagetes lemmoni
Finely divided, glandular leaves that are strongly aromatic. In late fall, plants are covered with masses of 1", yellow, gold daisy-like flowers.

Mountain peppergrass

Lepidium alyssoides (Lepidium montanum)
Masses of snow white alyssum-like flowers will ebb and wane from spring to fall over dark green foliage on this short lived plant with variable growth habits from low, tidy mounds to sprawling, scraggly groundcover.

Mountain ranger, Sierra sage

Leucophyllum revolutum
The unusual texture of semi-succulent, narrow, light grayish-green leaves on this upright growing shrub add interest until the profuse blooming display arrives in late fall. Flowers are various shades of purple.

Mountain sage

Salvia regla
Large 1", scarlet, tube-shaped flowers with orange-tinged calyces on rounded, glossy leaved shrub.

Mt. Atlas pistache

Pistacia atlantica
Small, glossy, dark-green leaflets form a dense, compact, pyramidal crown when young, rounding with age. Fruit ages to blue-purple, from rather inconspicuous flowers on female plants.

Nama, Sand bells

Nama hispidum
Dark green, hairy linear leaves form a tidy mound dotted with blue-purple to pink bell-shaped flowers in late spring and summer.

Netleaf or Canyon hackberry

Celtis laevigata var. reticulata
Fast growing, weeping habit with pendulous branches. Rough textured leaves provide good shade and small orange fruit are excellent food source for birds.
Thumbnail of New Mexico privet

New Mexico privet

Forestiera pubescens (Forestiera neomexicana)
Multi-trunked, upright and vase-shaped, maturing into a rounded shrub with pale gray bark on sharply branching limbs. Leaves are small and bright green. Early spring flowering clusters of tiny yellow-green, fragrant blossoms. Female plants produce numerous small fleshy blue-black fruit ripening in late summer.

Ocotillo or Devil's coach whip

Fouquieria splendens
Very unusual assembly of long, slender, erect, woody yellow-gray, wand-like stems that are very thorny and leafless until quick emergence of small bright green leaves is triggered by increased humidity following heavy rains. Leaves soon dry and fall. Bright orange-red flowers cluster at the tip of each stem in spring.


Nerium oleander
Evergreen upright shrub with long woody branches and narrow, leathery leaves and fragrant clusters of large flowers in pinks, reds and white.

One-seeded juniper

Juniperus monosperma
Normally multi-trunked, spreading evergreen with deep-green needles and bluish-black cone fruit relished by wildlife. Branches to the ground.

Orange zexmenia

Wedelia texana (Zexmenia hispida)
Sub-shrub with coarse foliage forming rounded mound of long-stemmed, yellow sun flower-like blossoms. Blooms steadily from late spring to fall.


Castilleja integra
Clumps of upright leafy stems with crowded spikes of inconspicuous, tubular, yellow-green flowers surrounded by bright, showy, red-orange floral bracts above narrow sage-green leaves.

Pale wolfberry

Lycium pallidum
Dark chocolate to maroon, woody stems with scattered thorns, light green, oval to elliptical leaves and interesting pale greenish-white funnel-shaped flowers along ascending branches. Edible red fruit in fall.

Palmer's penstemon, Beard-tongue

Penstemon palmeri
Large, balloon-like, pale pink flowers line one side of 3' stalks rising from waxy, gray-green, densely toothed leaves that also clasp and encircle the stems. The fragrant, inflated flowers have darker purple nectar guidelines inside and a golden haired sterile stamen protruding from the throat

Palo-verde "Desert Museum"

Cercidium x Parkinsonia
Small, fast growing, upright tree with distinctive green bark, large yellow flowers in late spring/early summer and lacy foliage that provides filtered shade. Thornless.

Paper flower

Psilostrophe tagetina
The soft, downey, gray-green leaves of this short-lived perennial are seldom noticed under the prolific, long- lasting display of tidy clusters of 1", golden-yellow, daisy-like flowers from March to October. Flowers then persist, drying to pale, papery, tan color.

Parry's penstemon

Penstemon parryi
Pink flowered but otherwise similar to Penstemon superbus.

Pendulous yucca

Yucca recurvifolia
Long, softly flexible, sword-shaped, dark green leaves encircle a short trunk, older leaves folding slightly at the center to give a graceful, curved, fountain look. Greenish-white flowers rise on a short spike. Multiplies by offsets at the base.

Prairie flameleaf sumac

Rhus lanceolata
Small tree with clumping form. Dark green, compound leaves provide brilliant fall display of reds and oranges. Dense, terminal spikes of white flowers in late spring followed by clusters of hard, red fruit that persist into winter.

Prince's plume

Stanleya pinnata
Branching sub-shrub with blue green, smooth, thick, lance-shaped leaves from a woody base, and an attractive elongated spike of spidery yellow flowers.

Prostrate or Trailing indigo bush

Dalea greggii
Low mound of wiry stems and silver-gray foliage. Purple pea-like flowers on short spikes are not noticeable from a distance but attractive up close.

Purple prickly pear

Opuntia macrocentra
Leafless, spiny, succulent pads turn varying shades of attractive maroon-red in winter or under drought stress. Waxy, golden yellow flowers with reddish throats are followed by round juicy fruit.

Rain lily

Cooperia drummondii
Rapid flower display, 3 to 5 days following heavy summer rain. Single pearly white, lily-like flower on tall 12" leafless stalk rising with long thin leaves from a small onion-like bulb.

Rain lily

Zephryanthes spp.
Clumps of long, thin, flat drooping leaves rise from small bulbs. Blooms soon after heavy summer and fall rains with eye-catching funnel-shaped flowers in pink, yellow or white.

Red barberry

Berberis haematocarpa
Spiny blue-green foliage resembles hollies. Multitude of yellow flowers in early spring followed by attractive juicy red berries.

Red bird-of-paradise

Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Orange or red flowers from summer to fall. Very finely textured foliage on open, angular branches. .

Red yucca

Hesperaloe parviflora
Dark green rosette of long, thin, leathery, semi-succulent leaves rise fountain-like, from a central, shallow, bulbous base. Long 3' to 5', naked flowering stalks emerge May to October with many coral-red, bell-shaped flowers in graceful arching spikes.

Red-leaf Japanese barberry

Berberis thunbergii 'atropurpurea'
Bronze red foliage in summer.

Rock penstemon

Penstemon baccharifolius
Shrubby, erect, almost woody stems with small, thick, sawtoothed leaves are terminated by short spikes of cherry-red, 1-2" tubular flowers all summer long.

Rock sage

Salvia pinguifolia
Small, rich, lavender-purple flowers cover branch tips in late summer and fall on this erect, woody shrub with rather large, round, scalloped edged, aromatic leaves.

Rose pavonia

Pavonia lasiopetala
Striking rose-pink 2" flowers on slender spreading branches with broad heart shaped leaves.


Rosmarinus officinalis
Stiff upright to decumbent woody branches with narrow, leathery leaves, dark green on top and white beneath. Foliage is aromatic and edible as a seasoning herb. Small, blue to white flowers in spring and fall.


Vauquelinia californica
Upright evergreen mass of erect woody stems with long slender dark-green leaves and large flat clusters of fragrant, creamy-white flowers in summer.

Rubber rabbitbush

Ericameria nauseous (Chrysothamnus nauseous)
Small blue-green leaves on slender erect, wooly white stems with woody base. Numerous small golden-yellow disk flowers cluster at branch tips in fall.

Russian sage

Perovskia atriplicifolia
Lacy, silver foliage with spikes of small, lavender-blue flowers summer to fall. Colored bracts extend light blue color after flowers have passed.

Sand or Plains penstemon

Penstemon ambiguus
Shrubby, branching, woody based plant with short, linear, semi-evergreen leaves on slender stems. Masses of white to pink flowers obscuring foliage in periodic blooms from May to August.

Sand sagebrush

Artemisia filifolia
Large sprawling shrub with silver threadlike foliage that is well adapted to sandy soils. Aromatic foliage.

Sand verbena

Abronia angustifolia
Bright pink flowers in 3" hemispherical clusters on stiff stems just above sprawling, leafy branches. Fragrant blossoms in summer.

Sandpaper verbena

Verbena rigida
Rough, sandpapery texture of the toothed leaves and the stiffly erect, sparsely foliaged stems give this plant a coarse look and feel. Clusters of pale lavender to vivid purple flowers on the tall stems and a profuse, summer long blooming period soften the plant considerably. Spreads by root stolons.

Scarlet bouvardia

Bouvardia ternifolia
Noticeable clusters of slender scarlet-red, 2" trumpet-shaped flowers at the tip of slim leafy branches, continuously from May to October. Hummingbird favorite.

Scarlet bugler

Penstemon barbatus
Tall flowering stalks rise from a basal rosette of narrow dark green leaves. Flowers are held out from the stalks on thin stems and have a scarlet-red, tubular corolla with a distinctively reflexed lower lip with two flared-back wings.

Scented lippia

Lippia graveolens
Masses of tall slender erect branches lined with pairs of small opposite leaves and head-like clusters of small creamy white to yellow flowers with a yellow spot. Very aromatic foliage and fragrant flowers.

Schott's or Mountain yucca

Yucca schottii
A small tree yucca with pale, blue-green sword-like leathery leaves ending in a sharp spine. The somewhat flexible, leathery leaves radiate outward from the apex of a narrow semi-woody, normally unbranched trunk and surround the annual spike of white, waxy, bell-shaped flowers and later the small banana-like fleshy fruit.

Screwbean mesquite or Tornillo

Prosopis pubescens
Unusual bundles of woody, corkscrew-like seed pods give this tree its name. Usually a multi-trunked spreading tree with small, lacy, compound leaves, small thorns and lovely masses of 2-3" creamy-yellow, fuzzy-looking flower spikes in summer.

Showy menodora

Menodora longiflora
Long blooming sub-shrub with a woody base supporting a number of erect to sprawling stems sparsely covered with smooth, slender leaves. Attractive five petaled, 3/4" yellow flowers are replaced by small, inflated, round seed capsules at the end of the wispy stems.
Thumbnail of Shrub oak

Shrub oak

Quercus turbinella
Small, holly-like, bluish-gray evergreen leaves on a dense and intricately branching shrub. Large acorns for its size are favored by wildlife.

Shrubby cassia

Senna wislizenii (Cassia wislizenii)
Attractive clusters of yellow, pea-like flowers in late summer on rigid, spreading limbs with small, green, compound leaves. Long thin, dark seed pods.
Thumbnail of Shrubby dogweed

Shrubby dogweed

Dyssodia acerosa (Thymophylla acerosa)
Semi-woody shrubby plant with dark evergreen foliage and small yellow summer flowers. Leaves emit a spicy fragrance when crushed.

Siberian wallflower

Erysimum hieracifolium
Short branching plant with dark green leaves and rich, thick masses of 4-petaled orange flowers in spring.

Silver dalea

Dalea bicolor var. argyraea
Fine-textured, silver-gray foliage on a rounded shrub with 3/4" spikes of attractive purple pea-like flowers. Felty feeling leaves are aromatic.

Silver lace vine

Polygonum aubertii
Fast growing, high climbing, wide spreading twining vine with glossy heart-shaped, wavy-margined leaves and thick frothy masses of small creamy- white flowers through out the summer months. Colonizes by rhizomes.

Skeletonleaf goldeneye

Viguiera stenoloba
Much branched woody shrub with bright green, thread-like leaves and 1" daisy-like, yellow flowers.

Smooth sumac

Rhus glabra
Thick stems with dark-green foliage spreading from top. Excellent fall red and orange colors. Large, dense clusters of greenish-white flowers in early summer followed by red fruit that persist through winter on bare stems.

Snakeweed or Broomweed

Gutierrezia sarothae
Woody subshrub with numerous erect ascending branches, small, evergreen, linear leaves and tufts of tiny yellow flowers in fall that create a showy ball of golden color. Vigorous, bright, yellow-green new foliage in early spring also adds welcome color to the garden.

Snowballs or Fragrant sand verbena

Abronia fragrans
White, 3", hemispherical flower clusters, above dense, leafy crown of blue-green leaves and sprawling stems. Very fragrant blossoms, intermittent from late spring to fall.

Soaptree yucca

Yucca elata
A narrow leaved tree yucca similar to Y. brevifolia but smaller in stature and with longer, more flexible, thin, bluish-green leaves and larger flower spikes held high above the hemispheric mass of foliage at branch ends. Dried leaves also point down the trunk to form a protective skirt.


Dasylirion spp.
Fountain of 3' long, slender, flexible, green leaves with recurved spines along the margins. Leaves rise from a short thick bulbous trunk as does 10'+ flowering stalk with a mass of tiny greenish-yellow blossoms.

Spanish bayonet

Yucca aloifolia
Stiff, narrow, semi-succulent, sharp pointed leaves up to 2.5' long, radiate outward in encircling rosettes from thick, semi-woody, erect trunk or trunks. Creamy-white, bell-shaped flowers tinged with purple rise in a dense cluster from trunk apex surrounded by the short sword-like leaves in early summer. Large, fleshy green fruit resemble clusters of peanuts and turn an attractive purple in cooler fall weather.

Spanish broom

Spartium junceum
Erect woody shrub of many green, almost leafless stems which end with bright clusters of fragrant, yellow, pea-like flowers in summer.

Spreading fleabane daisy

Erigeron divergens
Vigorous spreading, many branched, plant with light delicate appearance. Numerous 3/4" flower heads, white with touches of lavender or pink and a yellow disk center, spring to fall.


Sedum spp.
Sprawling, fleshy succulent leaves and stems that spread by easily rooting on bare ground. Various flower colors but mostly pink, white or yellow. Some have nicely colored foliage as well.

Summa sage

Salvia summa
Low sprawling herbaceous plant with thick light green oval leaves with scalloped edges scattered along several weak reclining stems spreading from a leafy crown. Somewhat inconspicious plant except for the relatively large, eyecatching, 1" tubular flowers in shades of hot pink to lavender that arise singlely above the foliage, spring to fall.

Sun drops

Calylophus hartwegii
Bright yellow, 2" flowers, March to October, on low, upright, bushy plant with small dull green leaves.

Superb penstemon

Penstemon superbus
Vivid, coral colored, tubular flowers occur in bunches along a few, tall blooming stalks which rise from basally clustered, spath-like, blue-green leaves. Stems and leaves often tinged with purple.

Sweet acacia

Acacia minuata (A. farnesiana var. smallii)
Flowers profusely in early spring, with golden yellow balls lining nearly leafless cascading limbs. Very fragrant.

Tansy aster or Tahoka daisy

Machaeranthera tanacetifolia
Profuse lavender to purple 2" ray flowers with yellow disk centers among finely dissected foliage. Blooms spring through summer.

Texas ranger, Purple sage or Cenizo

Leucophyllum frutescens
Large, mounding, silver-leaved, drought tolerant shrub that produces outstanding displays of pink to purple flowers following heavy summer and fall rains.

Texas kidneywood

Eysenhardtia texana
Open, airy shrub with spikes of fragrant white flowers and lacy compound leaves.

Texas mountain laurel

Sophora secundiflora
Thick, glossy, evergreen leaves on a compact, upright shrub, maturing into a small, multi-trunked tree. Cascades of vibrant purple flowers in spring look like clusters of grapes. Strong sweet fragrance similar to smell of grape Kool-Aid.

Texas persimmon

Diospyros texana
Single or multi-trunked with very interesting form and smooth grey bark. Small, white flowers with sweet fragrance followed by 1-2" fruit, black and edible when ripe.

Texas pistache

Pistacia mexicana (Pistacia texana)
Large, airy, rounded shrub or small tree, usually multi-trunked. Reddish foliage in spring becomes dark green and glossy. Attractive red, berry-like fruit in 5" clusters on female plants. Leaves persist in mild winters.

Texas white ash

Fraxinus texensis (Fraxinus americana var. texensis)
Medium shade tree with rounded crown. Exceptional fall colors in reds and golds. Strong, hard wood. Male has dark persisent flower clusters, and females exhibit the normal green winged seeds

Threadleaf groundsel

Senecio flaccida (Senecio douglasii var. longilobus
Numerous yellow, 1", daisy-like flowers on a semi-woody upright plant with distinctive silver-gray, linear foliage. Blooms spring to fall.

Threeleaf sumac

Rhus trilobata
Tiny yellowish flowers cluster at stem tips in early spring before leaves emerge. Summer ripens hard, fuzzy coated, ornamental red fruit. Naturally bushy, compact to upright and open shrub has crisp, dark green, three-lobed leaves that turn brilliant red, yellow and orange in fall.

Torrey or Shaggy yucca

Yucca torreyi
Very similar to Y. faxoniana but slightly smaller, less robust, and the sharp pointed leaves are less regular in length or outward orientation from the trunk. This irregular appearance is carried into persistant, older, lower leaves that do not dry uniformly and neatly against the trunk. Becomes multi-headed with age.

Trailing yellow dalea

Dalea capitata
Low mounding ground cover with dense, finely divided, lime-green foliage and neat, little, yellow flower spikes in fall.

Tufted evening primrose

Oenothera caespitosa
Large 3" white flowers atop a low spreading mound of long, narrow, soft and silky green leaves. Flowers open at dusk and turn pink and wither by next mid-morning. Woody pickle-like seed pods.

Turpentine bush

Ericameria laricifolia
Woody, evergreen shrub with tidy, compact mounding habit. Needle-like leaves are resinous, with a turpentine aroma. Small daisy-like yellow flowers cover the foliage in fall.

Velvetleaf cassia or senna

Senna lindheimeriana (Cassia lindheimeriana)
Bushy perennial with yellow flowers, late summer through fall, and velvety, gray-green compound leaves.

Velvetpod mimosa

Mimosa dysocarpa
Eyecatching pink, 2" flower spikes on open and airy branches armed with recurved thorns. Fragrant flowers.

Virginia creeper

Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Vigorous, tendriled climbing vine with tiny flowers, small, purple, grape-like fruit and distinctive five lobed leaves that turn beautiful shades of red and purple in fall.

Vitex/Chaste tree

Vitex agnus-castus
Shrubby, multi-trunked, or single-trunked small tree. Palmate leaves are aromatic, green above and grayish- white below. Showy, 12" flower spikes normally blue to lavender but also may be white or pink. Small, hard, round seeds resemble peppercorns.

Western soapberry

Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii
Erect with rounded crown. Light green foliage turns mellow-yellow in fall. Large showy panicles of small, creamy- white blossoms in late spring/early summer followed by translucent amber, marble sized berries that persist into winter.

Western virgin's bower

Clematis lingusticifolia
Vigorous climbing or clamoring leafy vine with compact clusters of 1/2" white, summer blossoms followed by conspicuous feathery seed heads on female plants.

Western wallflower

Erysimum capitatum
Bright yellow to golden, four-petaled flowers clustered on tall stalks with lance-shaped, gray-green, rough textured leaves.

White beebrush

Aloysia gratissima (Lippia gratissima)
Small white flowers clustered in 3" spikes impart a very fragrant vanilla-like aroma, spring and fall and attracts bees.

White evening primrose

Oenothera coronopifolia
An aggressive, root colonizing, sand loving ground cover with small, pale- green leaves scattered along weak stalks with continuous summer sprinklings of white, tissue-like, 4 petaled, 2" flowers.

White sagebrush

Artemisia ludoviciana
Leafy stems of silvery, aromatic foliage and spikes of small nodding flowers. Root colonizing ground cover.

White-thorn acacia

Acacia constricta
Fragrant, ball-shaped yellow flowers in late spring/early summer on large graceful spreading shrub with fine lacy foliage and conspicuous white thorns.

Wild rose

Rosa woodsii
Five petaled, pink flowers on very thorny upright canes in late spring into the summer. New canes are vivid red, fading to maroon. Round orange-red hips are showy in fall.

Windmill palm

Trachycarpus fortunei
Dark, hairy looking, fiber covered, tapering trunk, often narrower at bottom than top. Large, dark green, fan-shaped leaves on 1' to 2' toothed, fiber-matted stalks spreading from a compact crown.


Callirhoe involucrata
Brilliant reddish-purple, 1-2" flowers on low trailing stems with deep green leaves.
Thumbnail of Winterfat


Krascheninnikovia lanata (Ceratoides lanata)
Stems with blue-green, linear leaves rise from a woody base. Flowers insignificant but masses of attractive silver colored, cottony seed heads develop on female plants.

Woolly butterfly bush

Buddleja marrubiifolia
Mounding, much branched shrub whose velvety, ash-gray foliage contrasts with a multitude of marble sized clusters of tiny orange flowers from spring to fall.

Wright's penstemon

Penstemon wrightii
Unusual intense pinkish-red flowers and large, pale, light green, egg-shaped leaves distinguish this plant. Blooms spring and fall if old stalks are removed.

Wright's silktassel

Garrya wrightii
Erect, upright branching, evergreen shrub with coarsely textured, gray-green, oval yet pointed leaves, often with wavy margins. Although the greenish white flowers are tiny and inconspicuous, they cluster into noticeable but dainty, silky ribbons in summer and are later followed by groups of dark blue fruit in fall that are quickly harvested by birds.

Yellow bells

Tecoma stans
Clear yellow, 2" trumpet-shaped flowers cluster at tips of upright woody branches with glossy green foliage. Blooms intermittently, spring to fall.

Yellow bladderpod

Lesquerella spp.
Cheery yellow four-petaled flowers with interesting, round, inflated seed capsules on these small silver foliaged annuals or short lived perennials.