Giant snapdragon vine Epixiphium wislizenii (Maurandya wislizenii)


Epixiphium wislizenii (Maurandya wislizenii)
General Information
Plant Form Vine Plant Size 8' x 5'
Plant Type Annual Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun, Partial Shade Colors Blue, White
Physical Description Fast growing, clamoring vine with large blue-gray, snapdragon-like flowers, fleshy triangular leaves and interesting inflated seed pods encased in large sepals.
Care and Maintenance Will smother nearby shrubs if fence or trellis is not provided for climbing. Responds vigorously to supplemental water but subject to root rot if not well drained.
Gardener's notes Prefers loose sandy soil. Reseeds well. Dried pods used in flower arrangements. El Paso native along with smaller, more delicate species, Maurandya antirrhiniflora, with 1/2" red to blue flowers.