Muhly grasses Muhlenbergia spp.


Muhlenbergia rigens
Mulhenbergia lindheimeri
Mulhenbergia capillaris "Regal Mist"
Mulhenbergia rigida "Nashville"
General Information
Plant Form Turfgrass Plant Size 3' x 3'
Plant Type Warm Season Water Usage Medium
Sunlight Sun, Partial Shade
Physical Description A variable group of large clumping bunch grasses with long, delicate to rough textured leaves and ornamental flowering spikes which rise above the mounded foliage.
Care and Maintenance Old clumps may require shearing to rejuvenate. Otherwise selective removal of dead leaves and spent spikes needed periodically. Most prefer sun and well draining soil but generally adaptable. Lawnmowers, grasshoppers and escaped ungulates kill or maim. Many are drought tolerant but regular supplemental water is needed for best appearance.
Gardener's notes Not really turfgrasses. Best used as ground covering accents to soften landscapes. Several Southwestern natives available from seed or plant stock. Deergrass, M. rigens has robust green foliage; M. dumosa, Bamboo-muly is graceful in leaf and flower; M. capillaris has feathery tops in pinks and orange; M. lindheimeri shows graceful foliage and silver plumes. M. rigida, M. emersly, M porteri, M. arenacea are worthy, drought tolerant El Paso natives.