Beargrass Nolina spp.


Nolina microcarpa
Nolina bigelovii
Nolina texana
General Information
Plant Form Shrub Plant Size 8' x 5'
Plant Type Evergreen Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun Colors White
Physical Description Numerous, coarse, narrow, grass-like leaves up to 3' long, arch stiffly from a central bulbous base or trunk. Short woody flower stalks emerge from center of foliage mound with numerous tiny creamy, white flowers followed by small round seeds. Leaf tips and upper margins sometimes fiberous.
Care and Maintenance Leaf edges are minutely serrated on some species and may cut. Spent flower stalks must be pruned to maintain neat appearance.
Gardener's notes Tidy fountain-like clumps are produced by El Paso area natives, N. texana and N. microcarpa. West Texas native, N. erumpens, and Arizona's N. bigelovii, produce short trunks. All are occasionally available in nurseries.