Mexican elder Sambucus mexicana


Sambucus mexicana
Sambucus mexicana
Sambucus mexicana
General Information
Plant Form Tree Plant Size 35' x 15'
Plant Type Semi-evergreen Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun, Partial Shade Colors White
Physical Description Low, spreading tree with thick, gnarled and twisted trunk and light green leaves. Large flat clusters of creamy white flowers in spring and summer followed by bunches of edible blue-black berries.
Care and Maintenance Suckers profusely. Weak wood, results in sudden limb loss. Brief periods of natural leaf drop in both summer and winter prolonged by stress from drought or excessive heat or cold. Fruit stains.
Gardener's notes Native to desert canyons across the southwest. Drought tolerant once established. Major food source for birds but also useful in any elderberry recipe.