Stonecrop Sedum spp.


Sedum cockerellii
Sedum pruinatum
General Information
Plant Form Ground Cover Plant Size 1/2" to 18" x varies
Plant Type Evergreen Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun, Partial Shade Colors Pink, White, Yellow
Physical Description Sprawling, fleshy succulent leaves and stems that spread by easily rooting on bare ground. Various flower colors but mostly pink, white or yellow. Some have nicely colored foliage as well.
Care and Maintenance May be aggressive in rich soil. Easily crushed by foot traffic. Some species are not winter hardy.
Gardener's notes Numerous Sedum species and developed cultivars from around the world available commercially for ground cover, rock gardens or potted plants. All tend to be drought tolerant due to their succulent nature. S. cockerellii is a SW native with tiny leaves in tidy masses with pinkish to white flowers.