Soaptree yucca Yucca elata


Yucca elata
Yucca angustifolia
General Information
Plant Form Shrub Plant Size 12' x 3'
Plant Type Evergreen Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun
Physical Description A narrow leaved tree yucca similar to Y. brevifolia but smaller in stature and with longer, more flexible, thin, bluish-green leaves and larger flower spikes held high above the hemispheric mass of foliage at branch ends. Dried leaves also point down the trunk to form a protective skirt.
Care and Maintenance Leaf tips have a sharp spine. Must have well drained soil. Slow growing with a very long tap-root which does not transplant well. Can be sprouted from pieces of the thick fleshy root.
Gardener's notes The State Flower of New Mexico and resident of El Paso's deep sandy soils. Only small nursery grown plants normally available. Larger mature specimens offered for sale are either stolen or salvaged from the wild or other landscapes. Salvaged material will be tagged as such in New Mexico but not in Texas, so be wary. A similar but low growing, shrubby, narrow thin-leafed yucca, Y. angustifolia (also called Y. glauca) from New Mexico is sometimes available.