Faxon palm or Giant yucca Yucca faxoniana


Yucca faxoniana
Yucca faxoniana
General Information
Plant Form Tree Plant Size 25' x 8'
Plant Type Evergreen Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun Colors White
Physical Description A rather broad leafed, robust tree yucca, whose 3', dark green, spine- tipped leaves form a very regular hemisphere radiating outward from near the top of normally a single thick trunk (may occasionally have one or two branching heads). A dense cluster of large white bell-shaped flowers rise in a showy spike above the leaves. Lower leaves fold and dry with age into a tidy encasing sheath around the trunk.
Care and Maintenance Very sharp rigid spine tipped leaves can inflict painful wounds. Dried leaves help protect and insulate the trunk and should not be pruned. Needs good drainage. Very slow growing.
Gardener's notes This is the magnificent giant yucca made famous in Dagger Flats of Big Bend National Park. This plant is not grown commercially and almost all specimens offered for sale are harvested from the wild and are seldom subject to legitimate salvage. DO NOT USE this largest, most beautiful, and most exploited of our Chihuahuan Desert yuccas for landscaping. Save it in the wild where it thrives.