Torrey or Shaggy yucca Yucca torreyi


Yucca torreyi
Yucca torreyi
Yucca torreyi
General Information
Plant Form Tree Plant Size 24' x 2'
Plant Type Evergreen Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun
Physical Description Very similar to Y. faxoniana but slightly smaller, less robust, and the sharp pointed leaves are less regular in length or outward orientation from the trunk. This irregular appearance is carried into persistant, older, lower leaves that do not dry uniformly and neatly against the trunk. Becomes multi-headed with age.
Care and Maintenance The irregular habit of the older, dried leaves in particular often gives the plant a shaggy, unkept look, prompting their removal. Such pruning should be kept to a minimun however as the old thatch of leaves insulated and provides wildlife shelter.
Gardener's notes Native across the Chihuahuan Desert and El Paso's most common tree yucca. Although container grown plants are becoming more available, most larger mature specimens for sale are taken from the wild. Make certain any such plants are certified as salvalge from areas under developement or otherwise saved from destruction to protect wild populations from exploitation. Two other Chihuahuan yuccas some times available as nursery grown stock include Y. ridiga or Blue yucca with striking powder blue leaves on branching stalks up to 12', and Y. rostrata (or Y. thompsoniana), a similar species called Beaked yucca because of ridged fruit.